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FAQ or General Information [for International Resellers]


-We sell wholesale only. Minimum Order: USD$299. Feel free to mix styles.

-Orders less than USD$100 may be refused at our own discretion.

-You can place your order online.

-You may use our pictures for the purpose of selling and advertising our garments.

-We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Paypal, Wire Transfer, direct bank transfer and Western Union.

-We do not accept COD (cash on delivery).

-We ship worldwide.

-We add a USD$3.95 fee for packing and handling your package.

-We accept returns within 7 working days.

-For Singapore resellers: our terms and conditions for Singapore resellers can be found in this link.

-For Malaysia resellers: our terms and conditions for Malaysia resellers can be found in this link.

-For Australia resellers: our terms and conditions for Australia resellers can be found in this link.

Wholesale Information

1. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we have one of the lowest prices on the web and we are able to keep it that way by selling in bulk. We simply cannot fulfill small orders (a few pieces) as we will be losing money and out of business.

Ordering Information

1. How do I place an order?

Please order online using our convenient shopping cart.

2. What is your minimum order requirement?

Our minimum order requirement is USD$299 (excluding shipping and handling charges). You may mix styles as we do not require a minimum per style.

3. What if my first order is less than $299?

We will add a surcharge of $30 if your first time order is less than $299. Orders less than $100 may be refused at our discretion.

4. How do I search for a particular style or color?

We have a robust advanced search function. The "search box" is available at the top right corner of each page in our website. Alternatively, you may follow this link to use the Advanced Search feature. Simply choose a category (use the top level category i.e. Misses Sizes or Plus Sizes if you wish to include all styles) and fill in your search criteria (i.e. price range, color, etc).

General Questions

1. Why are your prices so low?

All of our lingerie are manufactured in Asia where labor and material cost are low. Besides that, we keep our profit margin per lingerie razor thin in order to offer fabulous prices for your benefit.

2. May we use your pictures for reselling purposes?

Yes. You may use our pictures for the sole purpose of selling and advertising our garments. You can download the image files freely from our website.

3. What are your size measurements?

Please follow this link for the lingerie sizing and conversion chart.

Payment Information

1. What are some of your payment methods?

-We accept all major credit or debit cards including VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

- Paypal (safe and secure way to send money).

-We also accept Wire Transfer (and Western Union) upon request. Please contact us via email if you wish to pay via these two payment methods. Information will only be given to you after successful completion of an order.

2. Do you accept COD (cash on delivery) as a form of payment?

No, we do not.

3. How do I send money via Paypal?

Sending money via Paypal is simple. After checkout, please wait for our proforma invoice with correct shipping total. We will then send you a paypal payment request, where you can complete the payment by following the instructions given to you in your email from Paypal. If you are experiencing any problems you can always contact us.

Shipping Information

1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we accept international orders and ship worldwide.

2. What are your handling chargers?

We add a USD$3.95 fee for packing and handling your package. This fee covers the cost of boxes, packaging material as well as labor cost to pack your items.

3. What are your shipping charges like?

We can't accurately advise you on the shipping charges as most International orders are charged by the dimensional weight and not the actual weight of the package. The shipping charges displayed during checkout are not accurate. If you choose paypal as your payment method, we will refund the shipping balance that you have paid after we have packed your order and have the correct shipping total. For detailed info on our shipping policy please click here.

Returns Policy

1. What if I wish to return my order?

Orders may be returned within 7 working days. Shipping fee is non-refundable and return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

Information for Singapore/Malaysia Buyers

Our terms and conditions for Singapore resellers can be found in this link.

Our terms and conditions for Malaysia resellers can be found in this link.

Contact Information

Email: sales [at] sultryain.com

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